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My cat is Spastic, not just a leader of that cult

This dream was even weirder then the last one I had. This one consisted of people I met in New York. All the guys I worked with at the moving company were there, and it was like a 2000 version of Young Guns. The guys from the moving company were like a posse of theifs ( yea I fit in with that ). They were robbing people of money basically. At gun point most of the time, and towards the end of my dream. They had one guy try to rob David lee at gun point to prove his trust worthiness ( david lee's ablity ).
Only to pass this trust test to play with their guns ( Grown men shouldn't play with guns ). I remember this graphically, that David Lee thought his gun was empty. He was looking down the Barrel, and pulling the trigger. He did that like 3 times, and the third time, the gun went off. I remember that the bullet went straight into his head, and then his eye came flying out, and towards me. ( I was hiding behind a wall ). After that, the fort I was in was under attack by these wild monsters, and no one lived after the attack. NO ONE WON AFTER ALL, EVERYBODY WAS KILLED!!!
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