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I'm pretty sure this dream was influenced by Tailsy's mermaids. Me and Joey were in this house, and all of a sudden we're the prisoners of these mermaid people...kinda like the blue ones in Zelda. We spend the entire dream trying to get away. They try to exploit Joey because he's sorta like Tarzan, and they put pictures all over the newspapers of him being Tarzan-like. I try to help him escape, but these people are really smart and really fast. I hid in the dressing room of some store, and An Nguyen was there. Weird. Some of the other preppy girls in my Latin class were there, too.

Before the mermaids could find me I ran outside with Joey and we started running down the street. The cops were chasing us, and we thought the mermaids had called them on us, but really they were just trying to help.

We ended up in the town square, and the cops were all excited we escaped. Then the mermaids came back, and I woke up.
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