pink hairdye and green nailpolish (figureinthefog) wrote in dreamslut,
pink hairdye and green nailpolish

I had this really freaky dream last night, well actually two of them...

I was looking for a friend of mine (not any friend I know in real life or anything, just a randomly generated "friend" from dreamland) in this strange town, and I couldn't find her anywhere. I was hanging around in the town, which was like a really old town, victorian styled houses and lots of old residents.
There had been a fair a few days before I arrived, and the decorations were still up. I was asking an old lady about the fair and she said there was a contest every year where a person was hidden somewhere in town and everyone looked all over for them on fair day. If anyone found them, they got a prize, but if no one found them, the guy who hid them got a prize. She wouldn't tell me what the prize was.
There were these two weird fabric life-sized doll-like things hanging from lamp posts (streetlights) as part of the fair decorations, one was Uncle Sam, and the other was a mermaid. I noticed after being there a few days that the mermaid no longer had a human shape. Instead, the top half of her looked like the fabric was empty and the bottom half looked like there was a big heavy thing in it.
I climbed the lamp post and cut open the mermaid and my friend, dead and yucky looking, fell out of the tail. I cut open the Uncle Sam one, and an old man was inside, but he was alive and he was the one who had hidden my friend in the mermaid decoration. He started shouting that the prize was his and that I couldn't have it, but I was going nuts, because he had killed and hidden my friend.
The townspeople gathered and said it was time for a trial, and I went to the courthouse, but the whole trial was about whether or not he should get the prize. The townspeople didn't care that my friend was dead, they were just trying to decide whether or not the hidden person was found close enough to the day of the fair to count her as being "found" or not.
He said he should get a chance to start over, and he looked straight at me.

Then I woke up.

The other dream wasn't so disturbing.

I was in a play that was being performed in the gym of the elementary school I went to, and we had to pretend like we were drinking iced tea. We had a pitcher full of iced tea, but no cups on stage, and when I was acting like I was pouring the tea into a cup, I spilled a tiny bit of it on the table that was part of the set.
The director, (who was actually the guy that, in real life, taught my high school choir class and always gave us lectures on not having sex or doing drugs and believing in jesus and all that and didn't really teach us anything about music) got up and started screming at me from out in the audience. I grabbed a soda can that was on the set, and I didn't realize it was open, and I threw it at him. I missed him and it landed on top of one of the speakers that were set up in the back of the gym.
Then, for a long time, we argued. He said I had to pay $6000 for new speakers and I said "Um, I'm poor". We were just repeating ourselves and shouting the same phrases over and over again untill we both lost our voices, and then the other people in the audience started clapping, because they all thought it was part of the play.
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