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I'm in the photograph, ( PICTURE THIS )

This one was kind of weird for me, it's like my art that comes to life. Jimmy Bones was there, Some of the locos, and company. I heard the voice as well from the onimous face of Matthew's Love. But, it all took place here in New York ( Some of it ).

It was already night time in my dream, and I was exploring the Hudson Valley. But it was wierd, the nightfall was turning grey like a flood of the Hudson River except for it was a flood of Absence of color. I was there with Fuzzy, and flip ( 2 of the locos, which are skeletons cartoon characters I created in my head ).

We were trying to get to the vortex's haven, somewhere that we didn't know where it was. But we had to stop Jimmy bones to rid the world of color, and to make it so ominous. Bethany ( my baby sister ) showed up through out the dream only to try to steal the 14 gauge earrings out of my nipples ( which she managed to steal the balls from, but not the ring ). That was the most random part of my dream.

Well, anyways we seemed like we were getting so close, and then I heard Matthew's voice tell me that It was pointless, and just to give up right now. I couldn't beat them cause, they were me. Then I just woke up. But, I think the chronicles of the vortex will continue another night. I wonder sometimes if it's a good thing I have created my own world with dreams like that?
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