Katy Han (styrofoamplate) wrote in dreamslut,
Katy Han

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Computers in Chinese=gay

I don't remember everything, but here you go...

George Bush was riding around Winter Haven on a bicycle that was too small for him. Him and Jeb Bush were having a bike race or something. So I decided to go chase him down and beat him up. Then George Bush disappeared and I was lost, near my cousin's house somewhere.

So, I was lost for what seemed like a really long time, and then I found a house that had a lot of free garlic bread. I ate a lot of bread and the people that lived next to the bread house was my cousin's aunt...or something like that. They drove me home, and her husband was kind of hot so I covered him in honey and ran my fingers through his hair. Then I felt really bad for trying to molest another woman's husband that was like 30 years old.
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