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Woke up a million times the past two nights... 
12:07pm 22/05/2005
mood: cheerful
I'm new to this community but here's my most recent dreams:

The other night I had a dream that another new version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre came out and me, my mom, my sister, my brother, and his girlfriend were going to see it. We walked to the theatres because they were really close. About 15 minutes into the movie I decided that I was gonna get nightmares if I watched it so I walked home. I locked all of the doors and windows but I couldn't lock the garage because it was broken, so anyone could open it from inside or outside. And I didn't turn on any lights so it was somewhat dark because it was evening. Then about 20 minutes later, my brother's girlfriend came in and said that she decided not to watch it because it would give her nightmares too. So once again we made sure everything was shut and locked excep the garage and we still didn't turn on any lights. But then we walked out to the backyard and on the other side of the fence we saw a guy with a chainsaw, so we ran inside and relocked the door. We were standing by the garage to make sure he didn't come in. All he did was walk around by the doors and windows with his chainsaw on. I vaguely remember looking out a window and seeing my neighbor working on his car. And then I woke up.

And then last night I had a dream that I went in a store and bought a donut. Then I went in another store and saw a box of donuts and I wanted one that was in it. So I bought the box of donuts too. Then I woke up.

And I had another weird dream last night too but I don't remember what it was.

Thanks for listening to me go on about my weird dreams.

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08:49pm 11/11/2004
  I keep having this dream that I get in a blue SUV in the high school parking lot with some curly-haired blonde chick. We're both in the back seat, and we drive off. Next thing I know I wake up knowing that in my dream I died, even though I didn't see it happen.  

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Dreams are special. 
12:59pm 24/05/2004
mood: bored
First off, I kept dreaming about getting a new digital camera, and photoshop. Then in Mass Media I had to make a video with Joe and Cory. We were doing a music video on "It's Getting Hot In Here::Nelly" because Ms. Mizelle said we had to do something where we were look really hot and sweaty.

Then it was the last day of school, so everyone went crazy and skipped all their classes. The administrators were going crazy, so me and Allison stole hall passes to pretend like we were suppose to go somewhere. Then we use them as shields, because Bri Jozwiack kept throwing water ballons at us, while dressed like an indian.

Then Billy was chasing us, and me and Joe had set up this trap for him. And all this whip cream fell on him. Like 500 lbs of whip cream.

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Yay, I'm finally updating. 
12:17pm 23/05/2004
mood: hungry
The other night I had this dream that me and my mom were driving to go get Cory. But the railroad tracks that were by his house ran off the road and we were going down this big hill. Then my mom was gone and it was Luis driving the car in his Biggley costume. We went and got a bunch of rodents, and went to this other house to play DDR. Billy and Channing were there too...and some other people.

Then last night I had this dream we were all playing DDR at Betty's house. I was mad at Cory for something, so he drove over to serenade me in front of Betty's house.

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08:46am 22/05/2004
  So I had a dream last night that Harry Potter was Jesus. He was wearing the long white robe and big red sash that some Jesus paintings show.
We were in a bar, and some guys who we knew were up to no good started coming after him and we ended up crawling through ventilation ducts to get out of there. The only reason I went with him was because he wanted to pay me to make him a hat, and I needed the money. Then he held a gun on me after we got out and told me I had to come with him because I'm his mother.
We ended up in a parking lot where, instead of getting crucified, Jesus Potter got shot up by the mafia. It was a big shootout and for some reason, everyon, while they shot, were hovering 2 feet above the ground and in your typial sniper-in-the-grass position, laying on their stomach and aiming their huge guns at everyon else. I was just laying on the pavement near where Jesus Potter was shooting from. (Yes, he was shooting, too.)
The Mafia guys flew over us numerous times shooting down on us and one bullet went into my arm, ricocheted against the asphalt, and kinde went back out of my arm sideways. It was weird that that was the only hit they had for a really long time in the dream, though, because their guns were inches away from us. Their aim must have either been reeeeaaally bad, or they were just messing with us.
When they finally shot Jesus Potter, he climbed up into a car as he was dying and ordered me, at gunpoint, to get in there with him and suck his big toe, but I just hugged his leg instead, because his toes were all yucky looking.
Then his disciples all showed up in A-shirts and tight jeans and shot the mafia guys. They all had short spikey dreadlocks and one of them looked a lot like Whirljack (I think plasticlumber is the only one here who knows who he is).
They found me and the dead Jesus Potter and left him in the car and told me to go with them, so I started walking through the parking lot with them and I woke up.

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My cat is Spastic, not just a leader of that cult 
08:22am 18/05/2004
mood: blah
This dream was even weirder then the last one I had. This one consisted of people I met in New York. All the guys I worked with at the moving company were there, and it was like a 2000 version of Young Guns. The guys from the moving company were like a posse of theifs ( yea I fit in with that ). They were robbing people of money basically. At gun point most of the time, and towards the end of my dream. They had one guy try to rob David lee at gun point to prove his trust worthiness ( david lee's ablity ).
Only to pass this trust test to play with their guns ( Grown men shouldn't play with guns ). I remember this graphically, that David Lee thought his gun was empty. He was looking down the Barrel, and pulling the trigger. He did that like 3 times, and the third time, the gun went off. I remember that the bullet went straight into his head, and then his eye came flying out, and towards me. ( I was hiding behind a wall ). After that, the fort I was in was under attack by these wild monsters, and no one lived after the attack. NO ONE WON AFTER ALL, EVERYBODY WAS KILLED!!!

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I haven't posted in a while... 
09:00am 16/05/2004
mood: anxious
The other night I had a dream that Cory was like 200 lbs, with a bleach blonde afro, and giant emo glasses. It was sad, because he looked stupid.

Then last night I had a dream that me, Skye, and some other people were staying at this really cool house. Zach and Cory lived there. Except Cory looked a lot taller and more like Zach, but his hair was blonde. Then we were all mad, because we would have to leave if the shower broke. And I was all like, "Hey, let's go to Skye's beach house." Which is really this shack-like thing in her backyard that I've dreamt about before, but it was different last time. And then I was trying to take a picture of a really pretty purple sunset, but it was going too fast and Cory got in the way and I tried to beat him up.

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06:35am 14/05/2004
mood: groggy
I'm pretty sure this dream was influenced by Tailsy's mermaids. Me and Joey were in this house, and all of a sudden we're the prisoners of these mermaid people...kinda like the blue ones in Zelda. We spend the entire dream trying to get away. They try to exploit Joey because he's sorta like Tarzan, and they put pictures all over the newspapers of him being Tarzan-like. I try to help him escape, but these people are really smart and really fast. I hid in the dressing room of some store, and An Nguyen was there. Weird. Some of the other preppy girls in my Latin class were there, too.

Before the mermaids could find me I ran outside with Joey and we started running down the street. The cops were chasing us, and we thought the mermaids had called them on us, but really they were just trying to help.

We ended up in the town square, and the cops were all excited we escaped. Then the mermaids came back, and I woke up.

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11:39am 13/05/2004
  I had this really freaky dream last night, well actually two of them...

I was looking for a friend of mine (not any friend I know in real life or anything, just a randomly generated "friend" from dreamland) in this strange town, and I couldn't find her anywhere. I was hanging around in the town, which was like a really old town, victorian styled houses and lots of old residents.
There had been a fair a few days before I arrived, and the decorations were still up. I was asking an old lady about the fair and she said there was a contest every year where a person was hidden somewhere in town and everyone looked all over for them on fair day. If anyone found them, they got a prize, but if no one found them, the guy who hid them got a prize. She wouldn't tell me what the prize was.
There were these two weird fabric life-sized doll-like things hanging from lamp posts (streetlights) as part of the fair decorations, one was Uncle Sam, and the other was a mermaid. I noticed after being there a few days that the mermaid no longer had a human shape. Instead, the top half of her looked like the fabric was empty and the bottom half looked like there was a big heavy thing in it.
I climbed the lamp post and cut open the mermaid and my friend, dead and yucky looking, fell out of the tail. I cut open the Uncle Sam one, and an old man was inside, but he was alive and he was the one who had hidden my friend in the mermaid decoration. He started shouting that the prize was his and that I couldn't have it, but I was going nuts, because he had killed and hidden my friend.
The townspeople gathered and said it was time for a trial, and I went to the courthouse, but the whole trial was about whether or not he should get the prize. The townspeople didn't care that my friend was dead, they were just trying to decide whether or not the hidden person was found close enough to the day of the fair to count her as being "found" or not.
He said he should get a chance to start over, and he looked straight at me.

Then I woke up.

The other dream wasn't so disturbing.

I was in a play that was being performed in the gym of the elementary school I went to, and we had to pretend like we were drinking iced tea. We had a pitcher full of iced tea, but no cups on stage, and when I was acting like I was pouring the tea into a cup, I spilled a tiny bit of it on the table that was part of the set.
The director, (who was actually the guy that, in real life, taught my high school choir class and always gave us lectures on not having sex or doing drugs and believing in jesus and all that and didn't really teach us anything about music) got up and started screming at me from out in the audience. I grabbed a soda can that was on the set, and I didn't realize it was open, and I threw it at him. I missed him and it landed on top of one of the speakers that were set up in the back of the gym.
Then, for a long time, we argued. He said I had to pay $6000 for new speakers and I said "Um, I'm poor". We were just repeating ourselves and shouting the same phrases over and over again untill we both lost our voices, and then the other people in the audience started clapping, because they all thought it was part of the play.

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06:28am 13/05/2004
mood: hopeful
Dreams are weird.

I went to this place where there's a Dollar General, a Macy's and some other stores, and sat around in the parking lot with Kendra. Then we left.

I snuck out, but when I got back my screen was all in funny and my mom's friend was repainting my house lime green. She made me do some of it, but I ended up doing the wrong part. I went into my back porch and put the paint in a bag, and then me and Kendra went to some hotel where Alex was staying. Some black dude made me pick out clothes for him, and he kept hitting on me so I kept moving closer to Alex on the bed. Alex wouldn't show me his tattoo because he didn't feel like taking the band-aid off, and then the black dudes left. I was on my way home when I woke up.

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07:42pm 10/05/2004
  Feel free to let me know when you get sick of this layout and want me to make another one. Same thing with the icon.  

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I'm in the photograph, ( PICTURE THIS ) 
11:04am 10/05/2004
mood: blah
This one was kind of weird for me, it's like my art that comes to life. Jimmy Bones was there, Some of the locos, and company. I heard the voice as well from the onimous face of Matthew's Love. But, it all took place here in New York ( Some of it ).

It was already night time in my dream, and I was exploring the Hudson Valley. But it was wierd, the nightfall was turning grey like a flood of the Hudson River except for it was a flood of Absence of color. I was there with Fuzzy, and flip ( 2 of the locos, which are skeletons cartoon characters I created in my head ).

We were trying to get to the vortex's haven, somewhere that we didn't know where it was. But we had to stop Jimmy bones to rid the world of color, and to make it so ominous. Bethany ( my baby sister ) showed up through out the dream only to try to steal the 14 gauge earrings out of my nipples ( which she managed to steal the balls from, but not the ring ). That was the most random part of my dream.

Well, anyways we seemed like we were getting so close, and then I heard Matthew's voice tell me that It was pointless, and just to give up right now. I couldn't beat them cause, they were me. Then I just woke up. But, I think the chronicles of the vortex will continue another night. I wonder sometimes if it's a good thing I have created my own world with dreams like that?

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06:37am 10/05/2004
mood: sleepy
I was Lisa Simpson, and Bart made me suck his dick. Homer found out and Bart promised to only drink beer at lunch instead of being punished.

Then I went to "school" which was really Latoya's house. Some hot british guy dressed me up like a Medieval chick and he was dressed like a pirate. Some other guy bought us these weird green apple alcoholic drinks, and Toya asked me who I was going out with. I said Travis (wtf?!) and she was like "Yea, you're too good to be single" or something like that.

Carissa was there, and her hair was black. Then I had to go on a mission to close a factory, and I told the guy with me to hit the purple button when we got inside. He ended up setting off a purple bomb instead, so everything blew up and I woke up.

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Computers in Chinese=gay 
04:10pm 09/05/2004
mood: bored
I don't remember everything, but here you go...

George Bush was riding around Winter Haven on a bicycle that was too small for him. Him and Jeb Bush were having a bike race or something. So I decided to go chase him down and beat him up. Then George Bush disappeared and I was lost, near my cousin's house somewhere.

So, I was lost for what seemed like a really long time, and then I found a house that had a lot of free garlic bread. I ate a lot of bread and the people that lived next to the bread house was my cousin's aunt...or something like that. They drove me home, and her husband was kind of hot so I covered him in honey and ran my fingers through his hair. Then I felt really bad for trying to molest another woman's husband that was like 30 years old.

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Katy has retard dreams. 
10:49pm 08/05/2004
mood: bored
Okay, let's see what I remember from last night...

First I was dreaming about the lead singer from The Cure, he was a goth girl and looked very much like that lead singer dude from AFI...with longer hair, more eyeliner, and more girly, if possible.

Then I was playing with dildos, a white one, and a green one. Yes TWO at the same time...oooh. Anyways, because of that I magically got pregnant. The baby was Louis', Cory's and the lead singer from The Cure's baby. Then my mom asked me back for the dildo, because it was really a food container.

I was really pissed off, because I got all fat. Cory was really sad about it. Louis didn't care. And The Cure dude was mentally insane.

Then I woke up and made sure I wasn't pregnant. Silly me.

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06:38pm 08/05/2004
mood: amused
So, yeah. I had a dream last night that my mom and I were in this huge Toys R' Us, and all of a sudden, like, Freddy comes in, and everyone's like, scattering.. but he just wants to shop.



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please don't die 
06:21pm 08/05/2004
mood: exhausted
Welcome to dreamslut! Post your dreams here, and we'll all comment and tell you how crazy you really are.

Last night, I didn't sleep, so therefore I didn't dream. Today, however, I had a dream I was on a cruise and it ended up sinking like the Titanic and Lusitania. Craziness.

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